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Reformation: Age of Mayhem... The Reviews

Reformation: Age of Mayhem Homepage and Music

This is the album I didn’t know I was looking for! There is something for everyone; from classical and traditional, to modern composition, the variety keeps the ear interested. I was delighted to hear ‘A Mighty Fortress’ re-arranged and given a new dimension. It’s like finding the perfect black dress that will be worn to every occasion from here on out. Reformation is definitely a permanent part of my music collection. My personal favorites are: ‘Delilah’, for the ethereal sense the harmonies create. ‘Die Katzenpfote’, for the energizing mood. ‘All Voll’, for the full sound and glimpse at everyday music in 1480. ‘40,000 Witches Can’t be Wrong’, for the strong atmospheric sense and lovely melody lines. It leads seamlessly into Laura Soave. -- Kendra Akers, Colby, KS

Mr. Thompson's deft and inventive compositions may be based on the classics and the world of the Reformation, but his harmonic originality is like brain food, challenging our expectations on a moment to moment basis. Each piece possesses a strong and separate point of view and Thompson's flexible technique, especially tone, touch and rubato, fulfills each miniature. The excellent piano recording is clean and appropriately resonant. Important and deeply satisfying listening for those who know how to listen. --Peter Frisch, Carpenteria, CA

"The Reformation may have been an age of mayhem, but the melodic and lyrical styles of this album convey some sense of order and awe in the midst of the madness. Many of the pieces here are filled with simple beauty, while others have an atmosphere of precarious calm. We also find moods of wistful longing and agitated excitement. While listening straight through is an altogether joyful experience, there are some tracks that will beckon you to play them on repeat several times over, especially Ein Feste Burg (A Mighty Fortress). This piece is improvisation at its very best, bringing a sense of freedom and playfulness to what is now a standard classic. The album ends not with a bang but with a whimper, taking a questioning attitude about an uncertain future. As it was during the Reformation, so it is to us now." Jeremy Jenkins, Billings MT